BCS10Star Micronics introduces the BSC10 – an all new high performance, low cost receipt printer designed specifically to meet industry standard printing needs with high reliability – even within the harshest environments.

The BSC10 comes with a MCBF of 60 million lines of print at a market beating 300mm per second. Incorporating advanced “Splash-Proof” design features, such as mounting the PCB upside down for added protection from drink spills, provides greater levels of reliability than any other printer on the market – making it perfect for both Hospitality and Retail outlets.

Superior Star “Intelligent Design Features” include cables external to the printer chassis to prevent back flow of water or other fluids into the PCB area, as well as case-covered LED indicators to help further “waterproofing” and protection of the internal electronics.

The BSC10 provides for an out of the box installation experience – everything is included ready to go, and there are no DIP switches to configure.

Dual interfaces come standard making upgrading of old printer technology to the latest high speed BSC10 a breeze.


  • Power supply included in box
  • ESC/POS™ Emulation
  • Dual Interface as standard USB/Parallel or USB / Serial
  • All-inclusive StarPRNT driver and utility suite with WHQL certification on CD in box
  • NO DIP Switches!
  • ESC/POS™ emulation with Star Configuration Utility including OPOS™ and Epson cash drawer compatibility
  • Includes both Guillotine Auto Cutter AND Simplified Tear Bar
  • Advanced Logo Store
  • “Text-Triggered” Image Printing – perfect for Couponing
  • UNIQUE Cost / Time Saving Advantages
  • 10cm Roll Capacity with 60% plus more Paper for Reduced Cost per Receipt, Less Paper Roll Changes, Reduced Paper Transport & Storage costs


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