DP8340The DP8340 is a unique 114mm wide dot matrix impact printer used all around the world in multiple of applications. Its specific width allows it to print report, receipt, data or invoices depending of your needs. Its high reliability and its capability to support 12V, make it a perfect product for many mobile applications in vehicles. Its ability to print black and red has been a great benefit by bringing attention to special items on the receipt.

Series Product Range

DP8340FD Serial Friction Black / Red Printer

DP8340FC Parallel Friction Black / Red Printer

Available on Indent:

DP8340SD Serial Sprocket Black / Red Printer

DP8340SC Parallel Sprocket Black / Red Printer


  • Reliable Budget / Entry Level Printer
  • Black and Red Printing
  • Separate 230V AC Power Supply with 12V DC Ouptut
  • Paper Width 4.5″ / 115mm
  • Up to 2 Lines per Second Print Speed

Typical Applications:

  • RECEIPT PRINTER – POS systems / Credit Card Authorisation / Kitchen / remote printer
  • MOBILE PRINTER – 12 Volt applications
  • RECORD PRINTER – Data logging / Measuring equipment
  • GRAPHICS PRINTERS – (Details on request)
  • LABEL PRINTERS – Sprocket Version
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