The popularity of Star Micronics dot matrix receipt printers is due to their versatility and high print speed, low paper and consumables costs, multiple copy and audit trail capability and high reliability. Star’s dot matrix printers are recognised for their durability and long life making them a very good investment.

SP700 Series

The SP700 is a compact, superfast, Clamshellâ„¢ matrix receipt printer with red / black output, user friendly features, advanced software features and high reliability. (4.7 – 8.9 LPs)

DP8340 Series

Very Reliable, wide format (115mm / 4.5″) receipt printer with red / black output (2 lps)

SP298 Series

Fast, reliable cost effective slip printers ideal for printing “company branded” pre-printed multi-part slips / forms (3.1 lps)

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