For true network compatibility on all platforms supporting TCP/IP .

The Ethernet Interface from the Star Micronics has been specifically designed for remote and unattended printer usage, as well as use in a standard network environment and therefore features many more functions than you would normally expect from an Ethernet inteface. Host sites can now “log-in” to the printers web site and interrogate, check status and more.

  • The Star Ethernet interface will allow the printer to automatically e-mail any error situations when triggered
  • Up to two e-mail addresses can be configured according to the host’s requirements
  • E-mails can be received and printed by the printer independently of the attached PC
  • The Star Ethernet Interface will even allow the printer to be remotely interrogated and reconfigured (memory switch change etc.
  • On-Line Help through Printer Web Page
  • Ideal for sharing network resources

The new interface will help with the remote maintenance and consumable tracking allowing new maintenance routines to be put in place. For example, when connected with other compatible systems, it is possible to route the outgoing e-mail from the Star Ethernet Interface to either SMS, pagers or fax etc

Available on TSP600, TSP650, TSP700, TSP800, TSP1000 & TUP500 thermal printers.  Also available on SP700 dot matrix printer. 

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